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               *UPDATED April 22nd 2016*  $2.10/lb  **NO DOGS allowed in blueberry fields**

Our U-Pick Blueberry Farm opens around mid-late July each year but each year is different depending on certain weather conditions. So please check back with us as Summer approaches. Also, a lot of people ask this, but we are not certified organic. We, however, do not use pesticides or herbicides and only spray for a fungus in the winter before our branches on our blueberry bushes start to even leaf and bud out. We always practice safe and sustainable farming methods and have for over 70 years! So you can rest assured that when you come out of the field the berries in your bucket have no sprays whatsoever on them. Pretty cool, huh?!

**ATTENTION!!! Bee's are everywhere, including our farm. Please be aware before picking a bush of swarming activity. Please watch your kids carefully as well. And most importantly, if you are allergic bring whatever you need such as  the pen or medicine in case you do get stung. We have acres of blueberries and there are only a few hives get noticed. We take care of the ones we know about each day. If you see a bush that might have a hive take note of where it is and mark it with your bucket and come up to the stand to let our staff know and grab a new one.  We just want you all to be careful and cautious!!**

$2.10/ lb

We always are running out of $1 bills. Please bring $1's if you have them or any extra out and we'll buy them from you!!

Due to new North Bend City ordinances and regulations, we no longer are allowed to put up our blueberry signs in the city limits.  We do, however, have them placed in the other normal locations.  If you don't see our signs, please don't assume we're closed, we've had signs disappear quite often, so always give us a call or check this website for current information, closures, picking conditions, etc.

 ~ We provide buckets and take home containers.  No dogs are allowed in the blueberry fields but we do have water and shade for your furry friend so please pack accordingly and bring water bowls and leashes. *Please take note that although, we do provide plenty of buckets..the smaller buckets with ropes always go fast. So if you're planning on bringing the kids out, then have them bring along their favorite toy bucket/bowl from home to pick in. It's a lot more fun for them :) Thanks!

Hours: 9am to 8pm  7 days a week   ~     We accept cash or checks only. NO credit cards

REAL ESTATE QUESTIONS? Please keep in mind that Kelli Berlin, daughter to Steve and Jayne Bybee, has been a real estate agent for over 13 years in the Valley! Feel free to contact her with any real estate questions you may have about homes/land on or near the farm. Kelli Berlin~Direct # 425-444-8175  Email~ kelli.realestate@gmail.com 

 If you have questions regarding the weather, closures and/or picking conditions please call (425) 888-5745 or check this website before you come out.  Some areas of our fields may be closed due to weekend events so please make sure to call ahead for that information as well.